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Preconception/Reproductive Health

The teen years are a time of major transition, when young people develop many of the habits, patterns of behaviour, and relationships they will carry into their adult life.  These habits, behaviours, and relationships impact health in the adolescent years, but also have an impact on potential risks for diseases later in adulthood, as well as the health of future children.  Providing education about preconception** and reproductive health topics during the teen years can create opportunities for students to develop healthy behaviours and maintain good reproductive health, both now and in the future.

The resources below are available for all educators to teach about preconception and reproductive health topics. If you have any questions about the resources found on this page, please contact the HPEPH Reproductive Health program at 613-966-5500, extension 223 or e-mail

Curriculum Support

My Life My Plan is a resource that guides students through six (6) topic areas that impact health and wellness (physical health, mental health, reproductive/sexual health, relationships, family health history, and their future). Each topic area provides basic information and facts, as well as the opportunity to respond to a series of questions that will help students make healthy decisions, set personal goals, and establish a plan for their future.

A teacher resource with lesson plans has been developed to support educators in using the My Life My Plan resource in Grade 9 Health and Physical Education classes. The resource and supporting activities will also facilitate completion of the Goal Setting and My Portfolio & Reflections requirements within the Individual Pathways Plan (IPP) expectations for grade 9 as part of the Creating Pathways to Success program.

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My Life My Plan - Teacher Resource


Lesson plans and activities

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My Life My Plan - Student Booklet


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Teacher Resource by Section


** Preconception health refers to the health of all individuals during their reproductive years, regardless of gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation.  It is an approach that promotes healthy fertility and focuses on actions that individuals can take to reduce their risks, promote a healthy lifestyle, and increase readiness for pregnancy, whether or not they plan to have children one day.  A comprehensive approach includes taking action at an individual, community and population level to promote preconception health.  (Ontario Public Health Association. (2014)  Shift-Enhancing the Health of Ontarians: A Call to Action for Preconception Health Promotion and Care. Toronto, ON)