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Water Safety

Recreational Water

Drowning Prevention

Drowning is a leading cause of death in children under six years of age. To learn more about how to prevent drowning around the home, at the cottage, and when visiting family and friends, click here.

Do you have a pool? Are you getting a pool?

Backyard pools continue to be the number one setting where children under age 5 most often drown. Help prevent drownings with proper pool fencing.

Let's Fence It Up!
Safer pool fencing could stop 7 out of 10 drowning incidents in home swimming pools for children under age 5.

What can you do?

Below are recommendations, please check with your local municipality for the specific requirements for pools in your area as they may vary.

1. Get a Fence

4 sided

  • Install a fence around the entire pool, leaving no direct access to the pool from the house.

Minimum 1.22 metres (4 feet)

  • Make sure the fence is hard to climb and that there is no space underneath to crawl.

2. Get a Gate
Close it up

  • Install a self-closing gate

Latch it up

  • Install a self-latching gate

Lock it up

  • Use a lock on the gate when your pool is not in use
Backyard Pool Safety Situational Assessment Results (Executive Summary PDF, Full Report PDF)

Beach Water Quality

Hastings Prince Edward Public Health’s Environmental Health Department monitors public beaches in accordance with the Beach Management Guidance Document. We collect and submit water samples for testing from municipally designated beaches from May to September each year.

Beach postings occur when water is contaminated with bacteria that are potentially harmful to the health of swimmers. A beach may also be posted because of floating debris, oil, scum, or excessive weed/algae growth.

Swimming at a posted beach may increase your risk of developing infections of the eye, ear, nose, throat, skin, or intestine.

Municipally designated beaches in Hastings and Prince Edward counties.


Beach Info-Line

For current beach information, call our automated Beach Info-Line at 613-966-5500 or 1-800-267-2803, ext. 652.

Weekly public beach report

For reports on provincial park beaches in this area:

Lake St. Peter

North Beach



Public Pools, Spas, Wading Pools, and Splash Pads

Recreational water facilities are inspected by Hastings Prince Edward Public Health in order to ensure compliance with Ontario Regulation 565/90 (Public Pools) and Ontario Regulation 428/05 (Public Spas). Wading pools and splash pads are assessed using the Operating Procedures for Non-Regulated Recreational Water Facilities Guidance Document.

The owners of seasonal public pools must notify Hastings Prince Edward Public Health each year prior to opening. Click here to access the pool notification form. Click here to access the spa notification form.

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