Mindful parenting workshops help families connect | Hastings Prince Edward Public Health

Mindful parenting workshops help families connect

Hastings and Prince Edward Counties / October 1, 2018 – Hastings Prince Edward Public Health, in partnership with Healthy Kids Community Challenge Hastings Prince Edward, Hastings County, North Hastings Children’s Services, Family Space, EarlyON Child and Family Centres and Mindful Roots, recently hosted parenting workshops in Belleville, Trenton, and Bancroft.                                                        

In today’s busy and technology oriented environment, building strong bonds between parents, children and youth is more important than ever. These recent mindful parenting workshops provided information about the importance of decreasing screen time, and provided the opportunity for participants to learn how to connect with their families in meaningful ways.

At the workshops, Alicia Preston, a local mindfulness educator and coach, discussed how mindfulness affects child growth and development, parent-child relationships, the family dynamic, and overall health and wellness.

Parents and caregivers learned strategies to:

  • Start a mindful family practice
  • Train their brain to instinctively respond differently to stress in order to decrease negative feelings and reactions
  • Implement techniques that calm themselves and their children down

“Mindfulness is simply paying attention to what is happening in the moment”, says Shelly Brown, Healthy Growth and Development Program Manager. “Using mindful strategies as a parent might mean listening to your child with full attention, being aware of your emotions and your child’s emotions and taking a moment to pause and reflect before acting. Incorporating mindfulness into a daily routine can result in increased self-regulation, decreased stress and boosted self-esteem – for both parents and children.”


 Media Contact:

Shelly Brown, Program Manager
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