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Healthy Schools

Healthy Schools

Health and education are linked. Healthy young people are better learners and are more likely to complete their education. Those with a good education are more likely to have better health status.  

We are your partners in health!

Hastings Prince Edward Public Health works in partnership with school boards and schools to create healthy and supportive environments for students, staff, families and community partners.  This work involves:

  • providing services, such as immunizations or oral health screenings, either directly within schools or in our Public Health offices; and
  • offering health promotion information, resources, and programs on topics such as healthy eating, physical activity and tobacco.  

The Important Role of Schools

Promoting well-being is one of the core goals of the Ontario Ministry of Educaton's Achieving Excellence vision.  Schools are tasked with developing learning environments that promote and support student well-being - to focus not just on academic success, but also on the whole child so that they may reach their full potential.

By providing quality instruction of the Health & Physical Education curriculum; building school environments that reinforce the health lessons taught in class; and implementing healthy school policies, students will be more likely to adopt healthy behaviours and maintain them throughout their lives.

Together we can create healthy school communities!


General Resources from Public Health:

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      3. Move More - Sit Less
Read through the health topic pages listed above to learn more about how Public Health can support your school.  


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