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Hastings Prince Edward Public Health’s Vaccine Preventable Disease Program conducts two main programs in partnership with schools:
  1. Annual assessment and maintenance of student immunization records under the Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA)
  2. School-based immunization clinics (Grade 7 Hepatitis B/HPV/Meningococcal vaccines)


1. Annual Assessment of Immunization Records

This activity, perhaps better known as the ‘suspension process’ is required under the Immunization of School Pupil’s Act (ISPA). Public Health is required to have an up-to-date immunization record for all students attending school. An exemption from immunizations for religious or conscientious reasons can be obtained by: 1)  attending an education session held within Public Health offices and 2) completing the appropriate form available for parents/legal guardian found on our website.  An exemption from immunizations for medical reasons can be obtained by having a Medical Exemption Form completed.  Completed exemption forms must be sent to Public Health. Only original documents will be accepted.

 Overview of the process

  1. Upon enrolment all parents/students are asked to complete a School Immunization History Form (link found below) and attach a copy of their immunization record. The completed forms and records should be forwarded by the school to Public Health on a weekly basis via the school board courier system (using the light blue folders), or by faxing the forms to 613-966-8145 or by an alternative secure delivery method.
  2. Public Health inputs immunization records into the provincial immunization database.
  3. During the school year, Public Health will request immunization updates from students in the form of a letter.
  4. Public Health will issue an Order of Suspension to students who are overdue or missing immunization information.
  5. Public Health will provide each principal with a list of students receiving an Order of Suspension.
  6. Once a principal receives notification of an Order of Suspension for a student, the student MUST be suspended from attending school as of the date on the Order, until either 20 school days has elapsed, or the principal receives notice from Public Health that the Order has been rescinded.

2. School-based Immunization Clinics

Public Health will provide hepatitis B, meningococcal and HPV immunizations to grade 7 students. Immunization nurses arrange the clinics with each individual school.


*Room Set-Up/Assistance Requested from Schools for Adequate Space

In order to provide a safe environment for administering immunizations, it is VERY important for staff to have adequate space and seating to immunize approximately 10-15students at one time. Staff prefer to be in a large room such as a library or gym, however other rooms may be suitable as long as they are large enough and have adequate light, air flow and space. Please avoid stage areas if other activities are happening at the same times as the clinic. Tables and chairs are also required. Your assistance is appreciated!


Important Document Links

2018-2019 School Vaccine Schedule of Dates

School Immunization History Form

School Vaccine Consent Form

Vaccine Brochure

Teacher letter re: School clinics


Contact Information

Immunization Line: 613-966-5500 ext. 221, Fax: 613-966-8145