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Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Every child has a right to comprehensive sexual health education and access to sexual health medical care.  Sexual health knowledge is an important contributing factor to the health and well-being of Canadian youth (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2008).  HPEPH partners with school communities and educators to ensure that this education is accessible and meaningful to all children.


Curriculum Support

During consultations regarding the Health and Physical Education's Human Development and Sexual Health components, Hastings Prince Edward Public Health will continue to provide evidence-based curriculum support to local educators.  Please call our Sexual Health Line at 613-966-5500 x 243 if you have any questions.


Hastings and Prince Edward Counties Local STI and Teen Pregnancy Data

Inclusive Education and Safer School Environments

Teaching Sexual Health Parents & Teachers:  Be Proactive.  Be Prepared

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Sexual Health Clinics

HPEPH offers sexual health clinical services at the following HPEDSB secondary schools:

  • Bayside Secondary School (Wednesday mornings)
  • Centre Hastings Secondary School (Wednesday mornings)
  • Moira Secondary School (Thursday mornings)
  • Prince Edward Collegiate Institute (Wednesday mornings)

Students have the choice of attending a school clinic or a Sexual Health Clinic held at one of our community clinics.


HPEPH, Sexual Health Clinic Tours

Arrange a clinic tour for your class or agency group by contacting 613-966-5500 x 298.


General Support

HPEPH Sexual Health Program provides both clinical and education/promotion support.  In order to obtain information regarding a clinical issue, contact 613-966-5500 x 243.  If you require educational support, contact 613-966-5500 x 298.