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Food Service Industry

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Food Safety is an important aspect of any food related business. All owners and operators of a food premises must be knowledgeable of and comply with the Health Protection and Promotion Act (the Act) and Ontario Regulation 493/17: Food Premises.
The Act specifically requires that:
  • every person who operates a food premise shall maintain and operate the food premise in accordance with the regulations
  • every person employed on or in a food premise shall comply with the standards and requirements prescribed by the regulations for such persons
  • every person who intends to commence to operate a food premise shall give notice of the person’s intention to the medical officer of health of the health unit in which the food premise will be located
Guidelines for Opening a Food Premises in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties:
2.  Submit completed form to Hastings Prince Edward Public Health at least 14 business days before the opening of the establishment to arrange for a pre-opening inspection with the area public health inspector.
All newly constructed food premises or those undergoing significant alterations must also:
3.  Submit two sets of plans showing the layout of the food preparation areas and equipment.

Click links below or pick up a Restaurant Information Package from your nearest health unit that includes:


  • HPEPH Food Safety Posters for your business (see below)


Mobile Food Premises

The Food Premises Regulation outlines some specific requirements for mobile food premises. Click here for further details.

"Mobile food premise means a trailer, cart or vehicle-mounted food premise or other itinerant food premise which is capable of being readily moved and in which food is prepared and offered for sale to the public" (O. Reg. 493/17: Food Premises).


Home Based Businesses

A home based business at a private residence is now permitted under the revised Health Protection and Promotion Act provided the premises is inspected by the local health unit and complies with the Food Premises Regulation. Follow the guidelines above for opening a food premises.


Special Events

If you are hosting a special event and serving food to the general public (e.g. fundraisers, community/religious/service club events), please complete and submit the following form to Hastings Prince Edward Public Health:  Special Events Application form including the Donors of Potentially Hazardous Food table.

Note: Certain exceptions apply to religious organizations, service clubs, or fraternal organizations. Vendors/businesses selling food at a special event are still subject to the Ontario Regulation 493/17: Food Premises and subject to inspections.


Farmers' Markets

If you will be preparing and/or serving food at a Farmers' Market please complete and submit the following form to Hastings Prince Edward Public Health: Farmers' Market Food Vendor Notification form.


Food Safety Posters

Hand Washing

Food Safety Temperatures

2-Compartment Sink Manual Dishwashing Method

3-Compartment Sink Manual Dishwashing Method

Mechanical Dishwasher Method

If you would like to request a food safety poster for your business please speak to your public health inspector.


For any further food safety questions, please contact Environmental Health at Hastings Prince Edward Public Health at 613-966-5500 or 1-800-267-2803 ext 677.