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The Real Cost of Eating Well

Every year, Hastings Prince Edward Public Health surveys the price of food items from grocery stores across both counties. Using this data and a survey tool called the Nutritious Food Basket, we calculate the cost to purchase one week's worth of basic healthy groceries for different age and gender groups.

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Hastings Prince Edward Public Health relocated to a new main office building at 179 North Park Street in Belleville, Ontario effective March 25, 2015. This virtual tour provides an inside look at the new facility and its features.
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From The Medical Officer of Health Blog

health professional administering needle in arm

Influenza (flu) vaccination: It's complicated

If you’re looking for simple answers about influenza immunization, don’t look at me. The more I learn about influenza and influenza vaccine, the more confusing things get.

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dog receiving rabies vaccination

Immunize your pet against Rabies

Rabies is a serious disease of animals. There is lots of rabies in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties - mainly in bats and foxes. Rabies can also infect raccoons, but this is much less common in our area.

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